Unity Package Cheatsheet

Surprisingly enough, I haven’t been able to find a convenient page that lists all packages along with links to the latest documentation… so I made my own.

Missing package? Broken link? Outdated info? You can help keep this page up to date on Github.
Feel free to add useful links to blog posts, video tutorials, forums, threads, etc.

About packages

A “package” is a container that stores various types of features or assets, such as:

  • Editor tools and libraries, such as a text editor, an animation viewer or test frameworks.
  • Runtime tools and libraries like the Physics API or a Graphics pipeline.
  • Asset collections, such as Textures or animations.
  • Project templates to share common project types with others.

Install packages using the Unity Package Manager.

Some packages (eg. experimental ones) might not show up in the package list automatically; to install them use the Add package by name... option. Look up the Package ID in the table below.

Unity Package Manager screenshot

On older Unity versions, you can use the Add package from Git URL... option instead (simply paste the Package ID instead of the repository URL).
If you prefer, you can also manage packages via the manifest.json file stored in Assets/Packages/ in your project path.

Learn how the package manager works here.
Read about package states, versions and lifecycle here.

Package list

Package ID Documentation State Links
com.unity.2d.animation 2D Animation Released 2D Forum 2D Experimental Preview Forum 2D Manual Page 2D Roadmap
com.unity.2d.pixel-perfect 2D Pixel Perfect Released 2D Forum 2D Experimental Preview Forum 2D Manual Page 2D Roadmap
com.unity.2d.psdimporter 2D PSD Importer Released 2D Forum 2D Experimental Preview Forum 2D Manual Page 2D Roadmap
com.unity.2d.spriteshape 2D SpriteShape Released 2D Forum 2D Experimental Preview Forum 2D Manual Page 2D Roadmap
com.unity.2d.tilemap.extras 2D Tilemap Extras Released 2D Forum 2D Experimental Preview Forum 2D Manual Page 2D Roadmap
com.unity.adaptiveperformance Adaptive Performance Released Unity Blog Post 1 Unity Blog Post 2 ARM Community Blog Post Forum Thread
com.unity.addressables Addressables Released Addressables Forum iOS 14 Advertising Support Released Advertisement Released Analytics Library Released  
com.unity.animation.rigging Animation Rigging Released Animation Rigging Forum
com.unity.burst Burst Released Burst Forum Game Torrahod Post
com.unity.cinemachine Cinemachine Released Cinemachine Forum
com.unity.collab-proxy Version Control Released  
com.unity.collections Collections Released DOTS Forum jacksondunstan/NativeCollections
com.unity.connect.share WebGL Publisher Released  
com.unity.device-simulator.devices Device Simulator Devices Released  
com.unity.editorcoroutines Editor Coroutines Released  
com.unity.formats.alembic Alembic Released  
com.unity.formats.fbx FBX Exporter Released  
com.unity.ide.rider JetBrains Rider Editor Released  
com.unity.ide.visualstudio Visual Studio Editor Released  
com.unity.ide.vscode Visual Studio Code Editor Released  
com.unity.inputsystem Input System Released Input System Forum Roadmap
com.unity.learn.iet-framework.authoring Tutorial Authoring Tools Released  
com.unity.learn.iet-framework Tutorial Framework Released Live Capture Released  
com.unity.localization Localization Released Localization Forum
com.unity.mathematics Mathematics Released Burst Forum DOTS Forum GitHub Game Torrahod Post 1 Game Torrahod Post 2 ML Agents Released ML-Agents Forum Unity Blog ML-Agents Posts Android Logcat Released Mobile Notifications Released  
com.unity.performance.profile-analyzer Profile Analyzer Released  
com.unity.polybrush Polybrush Released  
com.unity.postprocessing Post Processing Released Image Effects Forum
com.unity.probuilder ProBuilder Released ProBuilder Forum Thread
com.unity.profiling.core Unity Profiling Core API Released  
com.unity.profiling.systemmetrics.mali System Metrics Mali Released  
com.unity.purchasing.udp Unity Distribution Portal Released  
com.unity.purchasing In App Purchasing Released  
com.unity.render-pipelines.core Scriptable Render Pipeline Core Released  
com.unity.render-pipelines.high-definition High Definition Render Pipeline Released HDRP Forum Graphics Experimental Previews Forum Roadmap HDRP Guide Ebook
com.unity.render-pipelines.universal Universal Render Pipeline Released URP Forum Graphics Experimental Previews Forum Roadmap keijiro/SimplePostEffects
com.unity.recorder Recorder Released Recorder Forum Thread
com.unity.remote-config Remote Config Released Remote Config Forum
com.unity.scriptablebuildpipeline Scriptable Build Pipeline Released  
com.unity.sequences Sequences Released  
com.unity.shadergraph Shader Graph Released Shader Graph Forum Roadmap
com.unity.splines Splines Released Splines Forum Thread
com.unity.terrain-tools Terrain Tools Released Terrain Tools Forum Thread
com.unity.test-framework Test Framework Released Testing & Automation Forum
com.unity.testtools.codecoverage Code Coverage Released Testing & Automation Forum
com.unity.textmeshpro TextMeshPro Released UGUI & TextMesh Pro Forum
com.unity.timeline Timeline Released Timeline Forum Docs Blog Posts Roadmap
com.unity.visualscripting Visual Scripting Released Visual Scripting Forum Roadmap
com.unity.visualeffectgraph Visual Effect Graph Released VFX Graph Forum Roadmap
com.unity.xr.arcore ARCore XR Plugin Released XR Manual XR Forum XR Roadmap
com.unity.xr.arfoundation AR Foundation Released XR Manual XR Forum XR Roadmap
com.unity.xr.arkit ARKit XR Plugin Released XR Manual XR Forum XR Roadmap
com.unity.xr.interaction.toolkit XR Interaction Toolkit Released XR Manual XR Forum XR Roadmap
com.unity.xr.magicleap Magic Leap XR Plugin Released XR Manual XR Forum XR Roadmap XR Plugin Management Released XR Manual XR Forum XR Roadmap
com.unity.xr.oculus Oculus XR Plugin Released XR Manual XR Forum XR Roadmap
com.unity.xr.openxr OpenXR Plugin Released XR Manual XR Forum XR Roadmap
com.unity.scripting.python Python for Unity Pre-release Python for Unity Forum Thread Vivox Pre-release Vivox Forum Dashboard NavMesh Building Components Experimental Navigation Forum Tutorial Navigation and AI Roadmap
com.unity.barracuda Barracuda Experimental Barracuda Forum Keijiro’s Barracuda Repositories
com.unity.entities Entities Experimental DOTS Forum DOTS Roadmap Game Torrahod Posts Jobs Experimental DOTS Forum DOTS Roadmap
com.unity.platforms Platforms Experimental DOTS Forum DOTS Roadmap
com.unity.rendering.hybrid Hybrid Renderer Experimental DOTS Graphics Forum DOTS Roadmap
com.unity.netcode Netcode Experimental DOTS NetCode Forum Multiplayer Roadmap
com.unity.transport Transport Experimental DOTS NetCode Forum Multiplayer Roadmap
com.unity.physics Unity Physics Experimental DOTS Physics Forum DOTS Roadmap
com.havok.physics Havok Physics Experimental DOTS Physics Forum DOTS Roadmap
com.unity.kinematica Kinematica Experimental DOTS Animation Previews Forum
com.unity.tiny Project Tiny (core package) Experimental Project Tiny Forum
com.unity.tiny.all Project Tiny (all dependencies) Experimental Project Tiny Forum

About built-in packages

Built-in packages allow users to toggle Unity features on or off through the Package Manager. Enabling or disabling a package reduces the run-time build size. For example, most Projects don’t use the legacy Particle System.

When you remove a built-in package for a feature, Unity does not include the related code and resources when you build your final application. Typically, these built-in packages contain only the package manifest and are bundled with Unity (rather than available on the package registry).

You can add or remove built-in packages in the Package Manager, in the Built-in tab. Disabling unneeded packages early in development will help you avoid referencing them by accident.

Unity Package Manager screenshot

Built-in package list

Package ID Script Reference Links AI (Pathfinding) Manual Tutorial Extras Package
com.unity.modules.androidjni Android JNI Manual
com.unity.modules.animation Animation (Mecanim) Manual Animation Forum
com.unity.modules.assetbundle Asset Bundle Manual Asset Bundles Forum Addressables Package Audio Manual Audio Forum
com.unity.modules.cloth Cloth Manual
com.unity.modules.director Director (Timeline) Timeline Forum Docs Blog Posts Roadmap
com.unity.modules.imageconversion Image Conversion  
com.unity.modules.imgui IMGUI Manual
com.unity.modules.jsonserialize JSONSerialize (JsonUtility) Manual
com.unity.modules.nvidia NVIDIA (DLSS etc) Manual
com.unity.modules.particlesystem Particle System Manual General Graphics Forum
com.unity.modules.physics Physics Manual Physics Forum
com.unity.modules.physics2d Physics 2D Manual 2D Forum
com.unity.modules.screencapture Screen Capture  
com.unity.modules.subsystems Subsystems  
com.unity.modules.terrain Terrain Manual World Building Forum
com.unity.modules.terrainphysics Terrain Physics (Terrain Collider) Manual Physics Forum
com.unity.modules.tilemap Tilemap Manual 2D Forum
com.unity.modules.ui UI (UGUI) UGUI Docs UGUI Forum
com.unity.modules.uielements UI Elements (UI Toolkit) Manual UI Toolkit Forum
com.unity.modules.uielementsnative UI Elements Native  
com.unity.modules.umbra Umbra (Occlusion Culling) Manual General Graphics Forum
com.unity.modules.unityanalytics Unity Analytics Manual
com.unity.modules.unitywebrequest Unity Web Request Manual
com.unity.modules.unitywebrequestassetbundle Unity Web Request Asset Bundle Manual
com.unity.modules.unitywebrequestaudio Unity Web Request Audio Manual
com.unity.modules.unitywebrequesttexture Unity Web Request Texture Manual
com.unity.modules.unitywebrequestwww Unity Web Request WWW Manual
com.unity.modules.vehicles Vehicles (Wheel Collider) Manual Physics Forum Video Manual
com.unity.modules.wind Wind (Wind Zone) Manual
com.unity.modules.vr VR XR Manual XR Forum XR Roadmap
com.unity.modules.xr XR XR Manual XR Forum XR Roadmap

package illustration


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