Snippet: C# version of SquirrelNoise5

TL;DR these functions return random-looking numbers based on an integer position and seed. And they’re super fast. You can use these for procedural generation, or for anything else that needs a bit of (stateless and reproducible) randomness.


Original C++ code published here by Squirrel Eiserloh. I changed the API a little, grouping the functions by return type - hope you don’t mind.

Recommended talks by the author:


Either simply paste the class below into your project, or install it as a package via the Unity Package Manager using this URL:0


  1. Yes, you can install packages straight from GitHub Gists (if they’re set up with a package.json and an .asmdef). I’m as surprised as you are that this actually works, but Gists are built on top of regular Git repositories, so it makes sense. return ︿