Snippet: Wider ChatGPT conversation window

It’s a quick, simple, no-nonsense browser UserScript that makes your ChatGPT conversation wider. I can’t be the only one who needed this.

Looks like this

Unity label selection dropdown



Stylus (and other UserStyle managers)

Copy the .css snippet and paste it into Stylus or some other UserStyle manager of choice. You can also install it directly from

TamperMonkey (and other UserScript managers)

To install via TamperMonkey, simply click here. Otherwise, you can paste the .user.js snippet above into a new script in your favorite UserScript manager.

Other tips

  • The Enable chat history button is pretty much purposefully designed to trick you into accidentally clicking it. To hide it, append this to the injected stylesheet: { display: none; }
  • You can install the website “as an app” in browsers such as Edge, Chrome and Brave. This will let you easily access it from your system menu and run it separately from your browser.
  • I’ll try to keep this code updated as the site layout changes.